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Movie Admission

General admission $8.00
Seniors 60+ $7.00
Children 3-12: $6.00
All shows before 6PM $5.50
All shows before Noon $4.00



Please arrive 30 minutes prior to show time, 45 minutes prior to first evening shows Fri and Sat.
Food and Drink

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Answers to commonly asked questions

How do I purchase tickets?
Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.  .NOTE: An online purchase guarantees a seat in a designated show on a designated date. Seating location is determined by your arrival time. For best seating and service arrive at least 30 minutes before all movie showtimes. Please check that you have the correct movie, date & showtime before you complete your ticket order.  There are no refunds once tickets are purchased.  Thank You

Starting 9/15/2017:
General admission          $8.00
Seniors 60+                     $7.00
Children 3-12                  $6.00
All shows before 6PM     $5.50
All shows before Noon     $4.00

Do you take reservations?
Unfortunately, we cannot take reservations. Our doors open 30 minutes before the beginning of the first movie. You may purchase tickets when the ticket booth opens, or pre-purchase in person at the box office for advance tickets sales.  Online ticket sales are also available. 

If I arrived 20 minutes before the show, why were the tickets already sold out?
While we are happy to be so successful, we understand that some patrons may be frustrated when we sell out a movie while there are still people waiting in line to purchase tickets. Because our restaurant tables take up theater space, we can not offer as many seats as a traditional theater. We often sell out, especially on the weekends, so we suggest that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the film starts to purchase your ticket. Though we can not offer a guarantee that arriving 30 minutes early will always allow you to purchase a ticket before we sell out, it is usually sufficient for most movies. We can not predict which shows will sell out on any given day. A very popular movie may sell out earlier than predicted, even on a weekday.

Can I get my own table?
Please understand that when you purchase a ticket as in any movie theater, you are reserving a seat, not a table.  If the theater is crowded, you may need to share a table with other guests. This is a great opportunity to make new friends!

When do the movies change?
Due to the complicated nature of film booking, we do not usually know our movies very far in advance. If a movie is very popular, we may keep it two weeks or more.

How do I order food and drinks?
After purchasing your ticket, please wait in the lobby. We usually seat the theater 30 minutes before the movie starts, so that you may read the menu and place your order before the lights are dimmed. Please place your entire order at once, including your drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts. This allows your order to be processed efficiently. Unlike most restaurants, we seat all guests at the same time, so please allow additional time for your order to arrive. Our full-service wait staff will deliver your food to you during the first 30 to 40 minutes of the film.

Do you serve alcohol?
Yes! Raleighwood serves both beer, wine, champagne, and wine-based cocktails. Please present a valid picture ID when ordering alcoholic beverages.

Do you take credit cards?
Yes, for both movie admissions and food and beverage purchases. Sorry, we can not accept checks. A reminder: arrive 30 minutes prior to show time, 45 minutes prior to first evening shows Fri and Sat. There will be no late admissions to any shows once the movie starts.

What should I do if other customers are talking and disturbing the show?
Just let us know! We will take care of the problem. This rarely happens, we don't cater to kids. Naturally, we reserve the right to remove disruptive guests from the premises. We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Can I drop off my kids for a show?
No. Sorry, but we cannot allow unsupervised children at Raleighwood, as they tend to disturb other guests. C Well-behaved children are very welcome to attend a movie with their parents and guardians. Please take crying children to the lobby immediately. To ensure the safety of your children, please do not let your little ones walk around the theater without an adult escort, as our wait staff can not see the tiny wanderers while we are carrying full trays of hot food!

Do you sell gift cards?
Yes! Just ask for a manager..  We recommend that you purchase the card for a minimum of $25 for a couple. Gift cards are available for any amount over $20.00 and are good towards admission, food and beverages,

Can I rent a theater for a private event?  Click Here for more information
Call our business office at 919-847-0370 or more information and availability.

Thanks for your interest in Raleighwood Cinema Grill.  Please join us for dinner and a movie! ... or a glass of wine, beer, or one of our homemade desserts!