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Monday - Ten HOT or BBQ Wings are $2.00 off, w/each entrée.
Tuesday - Pizza Party: $3.00 off all large pizzas.
Wednesday - $1.50 a healthy side salad w/each entree order.
Thursday - A delicious $1.50 Ice Cream Sundae w/each entree ordered.
Friday - Sweet Treats: $1 off one dessert w/each entree order.
Note: Desserts eaten in a dark theater contain no calories!
Saturday - $2.00 off one ‘to share’ appetizer w/every two entrees ordered.
Sunday - POPS: a 70¢ basket of popcorn w/each entree order.


New Home Baked Desserts!

Apple Delight  
A hot fresh apple dumpling w/Cinnamon & Pecans, served w/Vanilla Ice Cream and Carmel sauce.   

Dutch Brownie
A warm Dutch Chocolate fudge brownie topped w/Vanilla Ice Cream, side dressed w/Raspberry sauce.

Hawaiian Heaven  
Royal pineapple upside down cake crowned w/whipped cream,served w/a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.



   Hollywood Carrot Cake - to die for!  With vanilla cream cheese sauce and vanilla ice cream.

Be sure to ask about our new wines (Malbec, Pinot Grigio)  on our regular menu