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Friday Menu Special - Try our new homebaked Hollywood 'To Die For' Carrot Cake.

Desserts have a $1.00 discount with each entree ordered today. Enjoy NY Cheesecake, Hot Fudge Brownie Sundaes, Floats, Apple Dumpling Delights, Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream Brownies, Pineapple Upside Down Cake and our new Hollywood 'To Die For' Carrot Cake. More Info...

Beat the cold!

Wow, Hot Chocolate and a Great Movie. Escape the bitter cold.Treat the kids to lunch and our low priced $3.25 M-F afternoon family movies. More Info...

A Raleigh Sunday family treat and tradition.

Share quality family time together on Sundays, enjoy lunch/brunch and a great fun family movie after Sunday Services.

A Mom's Night Out

Join us with your friends for a fun weekday night out together. Enjoy dinner with wine, a great dessert and be home early. ARRIVE 30 MINUTES BEFORE SHOWTIMES!! As the books author noted, "Even Inmates get time off for good behavior." More Info...

Children's Birthday Parties

YOUR birthday child is THE STAR. The Best and most Unique Fun Children's Birthdays in the Triangle! Fun, reasonable and EZ for MOM! Make this birthday really special! More Info...

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Movie Admissions

Movie admission is a low, low $5.50 for all. Enjoy our M-F $3.25 weekday afternoon admission for all shows starting before 6PM. To keep admission prices low cash is required at the ticket booth, credit/debit cards are accepted for food & beverages.

Check Your Validity Date!

We are happy to support discount & promotional programs. However, for bookkeeping and accounting reasons expiration dates matter. READ the DEAL and don't lose its value. ARRIVE 30 MINUTES BEFORE SHOWTIME.

Movie Schedule

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The Boxtrolls (Rated PG)
Show Times:
Friday November 2112:30 PM3:30 PM  
Saturday November 2212:30 PM3:30 PM  
Sunday November 2312:30 PM3:30 PM  
Monday November 2412:30 PM3:30 PM  
Tuesday November 2512:30 PM3:30 PM  
Wednesday November 2612:30 PM3:30 PM  

Run Time: 1 Hour 37 min.
A family event movie, it's packed with wit and visual splendor and a healthy dose of all-ages entertainment. "The best animated movie to reach theater screens since The Lego Movie exploded on the scene." - Entertainment Weekly
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to show time. There will be no late admissions to any shows.

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Dolphin Tale 2 (Rated PG)
Show Times:
Friday November 211:00 PM   
Saturday November 221:00 PM   
Sunday November 231:00 PM   
Monday November 241:00 PM   
Tuesday November 251:00 PM   
Wednesday November 261:00 PM   

We continues the story of the brave dolphin Winter, whose miraculous rescue and recovery—thanks to a groundbreaking prosthetic tail—made her a symbol of hope and perseverance to people around the world. Great family entertainment!
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to show time. There will be no late admissions to any shows.

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Guardians of the Galaxy (Rated PG-13)
Show Times:
Friday November 213:00 PM6:20 PM8:20 PM 
Saturday November 223:00 PM6:20 PM8:20 PM 
Sunday November 233:00 PM6:20 PM8:20 PM 
Monday November 243:00 PM6:20 PM  
Tuesday November 253:00 PM6:20 PM8:20 PM 
Wednesday November 263:00 PM6:20 PM8:20 PM 

Run Time: 2 Hours 1 min
In this action-packed, epic space adventure, brash adventurer Peter Quill finds himself the object of an unrelenting bounty hunt after stealing a mysterious orb coveted by a powerful villain with ambitions that threaten the entire universe. After he discovers the menace it poses, he must do his best to rally his ragtag rivals for a last, desperate stand-with the galaxy's fate in the balance. "This adventure is funny, thrilling, full of heart, and packed with visual splendor" - Rolling Stone
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to show time. There will be no late admissions to any shows.

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The Best of Me (Rated PG 13)
Show Times:
Friday November 216:20 PM   
Saturday November 226:20 PM   
Sunday November 236:20 PM   
Monday November 246:20 PM   
Tuesday November 256:20 PM   
Wednesday November 266:20 PM   

Run Time: 1 Hour 57 min.
Based on the bestselling novel by acclaimed author Nicholas Sparks, it tells the story of Dawson and Amanda, two former high school sweethearts who find themselves reunited after 20 years apart, when they return to their small town for the funeral of a beloved friend. Their bittersweet reunion reignites the love they've never forgotten, but soon they discover the forces that drove them apart twenty years ago live on, posing even more serious threats today. Spanning decades, this is an epic love story.
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to show time. There will be no late admissions to any shows.

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The Giver (Rated PG 13)
Show Times:
Friday November 218:50 PM   
Saturday November 228:50 PM   
Sunday November 238:50 PM   
Monday November 248:50 PM   
Tuesday November 258:50 PM   
Wednesday November 268:50 PM   

Run Time: 1 Hour 40 min
Academy Award winners Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep lead an all star cast including Brenton Thwaites, Katie Holmes and Taylor Swift. This megahit is based on the worldwide best selling novel by Lois Lowry. In a seemingly perfect community, without war, pain, suffering, differences or choice, a young boy is chosen to learn from an elderly man about the true pain and pleasure of the "real" world.
Please arrive 30 minutes prior to show time. There will be no late admissions to any shows.

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Enjoy lunch and our discounted $3.25 admission Mon - Fri afternoon family matinees
Fun and great entertainment, a wonderful children's menu and best of all, quality time spent together.

School Days, School Days Good Old Golden Rule Days .......
.Round up the kids for a fun weekday family evening together, everyone meet at RALEIGHWOOD and enjoy dinner, a great movie and all be home by 8:30. Dinner and fun quality family time together!

The ideal American night out is dinner and a great movie. Raleighwood Cinema Grill
offers you the unexpected opportunity to enjoy both, simultaneously! We are located at 6609 Falls of Neuse Road in the Falls Village Shopping Center (Get Directions).

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One of the main sponsors of our special events - Denise Keane, a broker with Fonville-Morisey can provide you with a professional, caring approach to selling, buying and searching for that perfect home. Visit her website at www.KeaneSolutions.com for more info.


All Seats are $5.50
Ticket sales are on a cash basis only. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are accepted
for food and beverage sales.

Wine Available by glass or bottle
Great beers served on tap

See Menu for details

Why rush through a restaurant meal in order to get to a movie theater before the opening credits? As a relaxed Raleighwood guest, you can arrive at the theater just 30 minutes before the film begins. Select your comfortable swivel chairs by a cafe table, order a tasty meal, then consume your selections in leisure while watching a popular movie on a full-size theater screen. The cabaret stadium seating allows a perfect view from every seat. The arrangement of tables and chairs provides each guest a gracious amount of personal space. The professional, full-service wait staff attends to your needs, quietly and unobtrusively. Best of all, the menu offers your favorite casual foods: appetizers, salads, pizzas, sandwiches, desserts and drinks. Yes, you can even order popcorn!

Movie Line (919) 847-0326

Raleighwood Cinema Grill is proud to be a local, family-owned and operated theatre. We strive to provide the very best in movie presentation, with full cinemascope projection and Dolby surround sound. All shows are smoke free.